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        Kathy Cordes is a highly experienced teacher of Commerce, Business Studies, Economics and Geography with over 15 years teaching experience both locally and internationally. She has lived in the USA, England and Australia and draws on these experiences to enrich her teaching practice by showing different perspectives regarding contemporary issues. 
        Kathy is well regarded for her exceptional creativity and talent for developing dynamic classroom resources. She is a significant contributor to the Commerce and Business Studies Hubs.
        Kathy currently works at Danebank Anglican School For Girls in Sydney. She uses her experience as a marker of HSC Business Studies to prepare students to effectively apply business theory and case study content in examinations. 

        Kathy provides workshops and training for students and teachers of Commerce, Business Studies, Economics and Geography. 

        Amanda Larkin is a teacher, examiner, author and the founder of Evolve Education. She has extensive experience in teaching Business and Economics in Australia and overseas. 
        Amanda is the author of the top selling Apple & the iPhone Business Case Study and the E-source Packages of Business Case Studies. She has contributed case studies, assessment tasks and other resources to the Business Studies and Commerce Hubs.
        Amanda currently teaches Business & Economics at St Andrew's Cathedral School in Sydney. Drawing on her experience as a teacher and examiner of IB Business Management since 2006, Amanda is also a significant contributor to the IB Business Management Hub.
        To engage Amanda for training, conferences or workshop events email