About the author

About the author

About the author


Amanda Larkin -  B.Bus, M.Teach


Amanda Larkin is a highly experienced educator who has taught Business Studies and Economics in Australia, the UK, Fiji, India and Europe. She is an experienced HSC Business Studies marker and examiner of IB Business Management.

In previous roles, Amanda has been the IB Diploma Coordinator and Head of Senior School at International Baccalaureate schools in Fiji and Vienna.

Amanda has published the Apple & the iPhone Case Study and E-source Packages of Business Case Studies with the aim of making the study of business more interesting, contemporary and relevant to students and teachers.

She provides workshops on the Apple & the iPhone Case Study and the effective application of business case studies in examinations for school groups, conferences and teacher training events.

To contact Amanda, email sales@evolve-education.com.au




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